Are you funding predominantly white organizations to do racial justice work?

Although it is critical that racial justice work is carried out across racial and ethnic groups, including white communities, the amount of resources that have gone to shifting majority white-led organizations taking on racial equity work has the impact of compounding existing inequities.

Funding white-led, mostly white organizations is not the same as directly supporting grassroots groups led by and for communities of color, especially when viewed through a racial justice lens. Grantmakers can’t afford to overlook the unique strengths and capacity of Black- and other people of color-led nonprofits to effectively and creatively identify a sustainable and just roadmap to securing a thriving future for all.

So before funding organizations with primarily white decision-makers for racial justice, answer these 6 critical questions from the Grantmaking with a Racial Justice Lens: A Practical Guide.

Grantmaking with a Racial Justice Lens centers what racial justice activists want funders to know. In addition to examining the cost of funding predominantly white organizations, it features experienced funders’ stories and how-to tips on advancing foundation practices to achieve racial justice such as:

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