Report: Grantmaking with a Racial Justice Lens​

When we released Grantmaking with a Racial Equity Lens, which was produced in partnership between PRE and GrantCraft, a small number of foundations had made racial equity a major focus of their work, but it was still common to have funders thinking colorblindness or universal approaches was the ideal and then others were only focusing on diversity and inclusion.
In the 13 years since the original guide was developed, the country’s political, economic, and cultural landscapes have undergone multiple, dramatic changes. Public engagement and organizing against racism has risen to historic levels, driven by the contributions of organizers, communicators, journalists, scholars, and artists. There has been significant growth in the number of foundations integrating a racial analysis into their work.
We have learned a lot from those experiences, but we also face a rapidly changing and alarming set of conditions. And we know from our own research and data that the overarching giving to communities of color and POC-led work is still incredibly low. Funders who care about racial and social justice face urgent new responsibilities, yet also have more tools and the racial justice movement has greater capacity than ever.  With recognition of the complexity of these shifts and the evolution of the work, PRE will be releasing an updated guide in coming months. 
But you don’t have to wait for the whole new guide to get started thinking about how these changes impact philanthropy. You can get started with this preview from PRE, co-written by PRE Senior Fellow, Rinku Sen and PRE Founder and Executive Director, Lori Villarosa. We address the value of adding the language of racial justice to that of equity, point to trends affecting both communities of color and foundations, and suggest some areas for further introspection and strengthening practice. 

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