Respond to internal resistance to racial justice lens

Resistance is bound to arise as a foundation undergoes these explicit, clarifying processes that will determine its grantmaking approach. It is a normal part of antiracist organizational development. Resistance can take active, passive, and, at times, diversionary forms. The active might include expressing reservations about a racial justice direction or constant deflection of race discussions … Read more

PRE Releases a New Guide for Grantmaking With a Racial Justice Lens Includes tips and resources for responding to resistance, tackling anti-Black racism and white supremacy, and more

Washington, D.C. (1/22/2020) – Over the past decade, there has been a slow but steady growth in the number of foundations that are giving attention to racial equity to solve longstanding social and environmental challenges. But even with the right intentions, these efforts address only part of the root causes and solutions to these critical issues.