Foundation Discussion Starters

DONATE Foundation Discussion Starters​ We hope that many foundations committed to strengthening their work in communities of color and LGBT communities will continue, or perhaps, start this discussion within their own institutions – away from the heated debates over legislation. While some foundations have formal policies asking grantees to share a range of racial, ethnic … Read more

Minority-led nonprofits

DONATE Minority-led Nonprofits by Rick Cohen What do we really know, in terms of hard research, about the greater efficacy or effectiveness of minority-led organizations serving their communities? This is the implicit question of AB624, and not answered by the generic response that “diverse” organizations are more effective or innovative entities, a contention asserted in … Read more

Foundation Governance

DONATE Foundation Governance By Rick Cohen AB624 is hardly aimed at simply foundations’ reporting on their grantees. Provisions call for covered foundations reporting on their own top staff and board members diversity, not only by race and ethnicity, but also by gender and sexual orientation. Can and should public policy affect the composition of foundations’ … Read more